8-7-8-9-10-2011-hollie showed, record, God said, bobby your church, hollie said, with angel coming out, it was sleepy, it will wake up, hollie said, did, lets see hollie said, she like waved the wand but not seen, its majical, she said, bob, thats spanish ministry, they cant afford ya, hollie said, they want but its, he showed, no money but they will try, just watch, thats it a she and he hollie said, at about six thirty phone rings, no, hollie said, another showed, away, but, then one just thought, shook, yes, then done, hollie showed, turn, its, icq hollie said, blue faced hollie appeared, its just her head, him, its she said, they say, its icx ministry of dreams, bob your links, hollie looked at man, doesnt know about it, they are on hollie said, you will see, find them hollie said, thats hollie showing go back to library, hollie, said, jumpy hollie said, clapped hands, white face, hollie bit the lid off, white hollie, lid not seen but it appeared, its like bluish lid in brown setting, bob you have an offer coming hollie said, its one hundred ten thousand cash, just watch, she said, jumpy hollie said, showed, get, busy, do something, bob, hollie said, its your face, thats God with hollie, who had tweezers, there, hollie just fixed, thats, hollie said, fifteen inch woofer locking prophet, showing, c'mon buy me woofer showed, that was hollie, this is the show she said, its new world order apostolic church haunted house, and its new world order apostolic church angel laughing like midevil character dressed, its in dark tuxedo, white shirt underneath, he leads tour, has, round head, thats hollie laughing like, its, werewolf, theres frankenstein, they all come out to greet, thats them grabbing people, hollie preaches like evil hollie, sounds pretty good, thats them characters filling seats at church, hollie closes haunted house up, and angel looks out, but goes back, and nose caught in door, hollie talked on phone, blew bubble, hollie screamed, again as looking around, bobby theres still nothing happening, hollie said, pay your power bill she said, thats, hollie at, its, indianapolis power and light, thank you she said, left, hollie showed, turn, showed, bobby get out, she said, hollie showed, turn, long bright light finger, hollie ate cautiosly, whats that, hollie said, its the enigma machine, thats them, its just like movie, stealing, from, its german submarine, but they become prisoners of it, put it under, that cost lives hollie said, but saved, its the war, hitler appears, and thats, its, the, m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship rocked by, its torpedoes, hollie showed, its post office man, laughing, but knowing in his heart, Lord I should have done it, thats him not delivering mail and its new world order apostolic church, angel coming out, not getting his mail and becomes agaitated hollie said, now let me see here, hollie said, moodie played his music but only looked but was happy, getting into it, bobby your fast hollie said, coming out, break it she said, she hollie said, one laughs, and that two said, but ghost like he hollie appeared, hollie paid her, its utility bill, boo the say, why the chant if for hollie said, its him wiping lips but hand not seen but another he hollie did, it was him doing but he showed, how, hidden, had like white hand it is like bear paw, hollie showed, turn, again, but not seen next time, but appeared, dimly, hollie showed, its, linkedin ministryofdreams, i'm growin angel said, its ministry of dreams, its the word, hollie said, smiled, but another, hollie came out, looked back, pointed, finger not straight at, but, kind of down, hollies teeth seen, its the, word, ministryofdreams over angel hollie said, showed, zip lip, but smiling he hollie appeared, thats the marine corp. out in the, its streets hollie said like angel marine but like its same angel that did the new world order apostolic church haunted house tour, let me angel said, appeared in tuxedo, showed, its church, haunted inside, it wont work, it was many hollies acting like, its ghouls, that was, Jesus being shot, prophet laughed, this one got me, good God said, looked at bob with content, hollie showed, sign, posted on telephone poll, telephone came alive, tear up, agin, hollie said, telephone poll showed, sign, thats Jesus inside, its pastor hollie, lets seal it up hollie said, but telephone poll looked out, its I am God, he said, but pope appeared, hollie showed, hes, not recording right but walked to Gods interviewing table, then Gods hammer like ghost hollie, appeared, God spoke to both, he does, they knew, hollie got happy, hollie showed, its sign, its by tremont she said, put it under, thats hollie showing sleep, hollie blew balloon, its like hollie showed, on, tear up, showed, work with, hollie put back, its, him, she said, showed, lay down,    http://theprophetic.angelfire.com/copy_of_index.html  , http://www.myspace.com/bobhickman , http://www.flickr.com/people/bobhickman/ ,
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    one night back in 2007 while at home in bed about the midnite hour I raised my hands and praised God in my heart and shook and spoke and tongues and did it a second time and when I did it the third, I said, in my heart, i'm not taking no for an answer, and it felt like a body my perfect size entering into me which was the ACTS 2:38 holy Ghost baptizm of God Almighty into his servant bob hickman which does mean the fullness of the Godhead is in robert hickman, the Jesus man


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