the holy Spirit entered me b.r.h. like a body the same size as mine and started torturing and betraying me day one and is worse fourteen years, later-God spoke and does this and showed me visions-8-9-2011-I the Lord wrinkle my childs face by causing his facial muscles to tighten when using, stretching and wrinkling and difiguring him and let him see me in visions laughing at him, bob its your calling hollie said, put it under, hollie showed, her light watch, she wore, white robe, bob, hollie said, coming out, dont, thats Jesus coming out of, its bob, thats, hollie, its casey, appearing, hollie said, lets put it under, thats the weebly, hollie said, the new ministry of dreams, website, like an angel man, its, weebly ministryofdreams, like angelman, hollie said,


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    one night back in 2007 while at home in bed about the midnite hour I raised my hands and praised God in my heart and shook and spoke and tongues and did it a second time and when I did it the third, I said, in my heart, i'm not taking no for an answer, and it felt like a body my perfect size entering into me which was the ACTS 2:38 holy Ghost baptizm of God Almighty into his servant bob hickman which does mean the fullness of the Godhead is in robert hickman, the Jesus man


    August 2011